ATHOS Institutional Solutions

ATHOS Institutional Solutions service is exclusively addressed to Institutional Investors (Pension Funds, Occupational Insurance Funds, Insurance Companies, etc.).

The new increased requirements of the Solvency II framework for the operation and supervision of insurance companies, combined with the particular circumstances of the economic environment (e.g. low interest rates) and capital markets (e.g. high volatility) require superior know-how, systematic monitoring and, above all, consistent and insightful long-term investment strategy.

Following the analysis of the individual needs of each institutional investor we apply a highly structured investment approach: 


Step 1: Strategic Investment Portfolio Allocation

Harmonization of objectives / risks, advisory strategy, investment simulations, scenario analysis, stress testing

Step 2: Tactical Investment Portfolio Allocation

Monitoring of the markets and current economic conditions, investment opportunities, risk avoidance, liquidity management 

Step 3: Portfolio Structuring

Identifying investment opportunities and appropriate asset classes and individual investment products and securities 

Step 4: Continuous Performance Review and Portfolio Allocation Review

Portfolio performance analysis, continuous risk measurement, asset allocation adjustment

ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT, aiming at covering even more effectively the specialized needs of the Institutional Investors, can create in close cooperation with them custom made solutions in the form of personalized investment products, such as:

  • Classic form UCITS in all asset classes,
  • Funds of funds with access to the largest fund managers worldwide,
  • Special purpose funds with specific investment objectives (e.g. Target driven funds, structured funds),
  • Specialized mutual funds for unit linked products,
  • Private labelled funds for insurance companies, investment firms, Family offices etc.

Whatever your need, our highly qualified executives are always at your disposal.