ATHOS Wealth

ATHOS Wealth constitutes a high-quality investment service based on the knowledge and experience of our investment team and on the application of optimal portfolio management and investment risk measurement methods that we usually encounter in large institutional investor portfolios. 

It is directed to High Net Worth individuals who wish to maximize the return on their investments based on their individual investment characteristics.

The independent structure and operation of ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT allows us to implement clear investment policies with flexibility, discipline and determination in our investment decisions and actions and with the necessary commitment to our investment objectives based on the initial investment planning, always taking into consideration the interest of our client. 

Portfolio management is active and on a discretionary basis and is carried out by the experienced and accredited investment team of ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT through specific investment strategies of international and local orientation, with a different risk / return profile (Defensive, Balanced, Aggressive) on the basis of optimal distribution of investments in securities (stocks, bonds, etc.), mutual funds and money market instruments, always applying a disciplined and systematic investment process.

Whatever your need, we have the solutions.

(The following documents are available in Greek language  only)

ATHOS Wealth – Defensive Global Strategy

ATHOS Wealth – Balanced Global Strategy

ATHOS Wealth – Aggressive Global Strategy

AΤΗΟΣ Wealth – Balanced Greek Strategy

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