Why invest in mutual funds?

Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) are an internationally recognized factor in the development of the economy and the markets.

UCITS are organizations that derive their power from the considerable value of the collective management of investments owned by a large number of investors. Thanks to Collective Investment Organizations, a very large number of investors have access to and participate in the operation of money and capital markets.

Moreover, UCITS are the ideal vehicle, both in the European markets and globally, for managing social security funds in the 2nd and 3rd Pillars. Along with special products and services, they offer valuable services to the insurance system and support  the state social security system.

n Greece, UCITS mainly take the form of Mutual Funds managed by the Mutual Fund Management Company (M.F.M.C. or Α.Ε.Δ.Α.Κ. in Greek). The establishment and operation of the M.F.M.C. and the Mutual Funds are governed by Law 4099/2012 as in force as well as by the regulatory decisions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

Investing in a Mutual Fund has significant advantages for the investor/unit holder:

  • Professional management of the Mutual Fund’s assets to ensure rational investment decisions
  • Allocation of investments in different types of securities markets
  • Daily monitoring of the investment’s value both in the press where publication of the daily valuation of the Mutual Fund’s assets is mandatory, or on the website of the Mutual Fund Management Company.
  • Option of immediate liquidation of the investment (within (5) five days)
  • Access to the markets in Greece and abroad
  • Negotiating power made possible by the volume of the Mutual Fund’s assets
  • Transparency of management, which is regulated by the relevant legislation, the control mechanisms of Mutual Funds Management Companies and the supervisory authorities.
  • Safeguard and safekeeping of the Mutual Fund’s assets by the Custodian (Bank)
  • Joint accounts as the units may be issued to “joint accounts” held by two or more persons
  • The tax liability of the investor is limited to the tax charged on the Mutual Fund’s assets

The operation of Mutual Funds is regulated by Law 4099/2012, as in force. Law 4099/2012 (Government Gazette 250 / Α / 20-12-12) incorporated into Greek legislation the European Directive 2009/65 / EC on the coordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities ​​(UCITS).