ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT in colaboration with Adepa Asset Management S.A. created INCOMETRIC FUND – ATHOS (LF) Global Navigator, a Luxembourg UCITS, enriching its products and services with international-oriented investment options.

The INCOMETRIC FUND – ATHOS (LF) Global Navigator is a Sub-Fund of INCOMETRIC FUND (FCP – Umbrella Fund) managed by Adepa Asset Management SA, is governed by the Luxembourg Law of 17/12/2010 (“UCITS Law”) and is regulated by the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)” of Luxembourg. ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT is appointed Investment Manager of the Sub-Fund.

Adepa Asset Management S.A is a fund services specialist regulated by the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)” as a Chapter 15 fund management company and AIFM. It is part of Adepa Group, an independent and global financial group with a leading position in the asset servicing sector and with presence in Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Chile. More information about Adepa can be found here.

INCOMETRIC FUND – ATHOS (LF) Global Navigator’s investment objective is to provide investors with positive total return through long term capital appreciation and current income across the market cycle. The Sub-Fund utilizes a multi-asset portfolio investment approach, unrelated to benchmark constrains. The Sub-Fund will invest most of its assets in fixed income securities, global equities, money market instruments and financial derivative instruments traded on a regulated market. The Sub-Fund may also invest in High yield, distressed and non-rated bonds with a 25% exposure limit, plus a 30% limit on other UCITS/UCIs including eligible ETFs.

INCOMETRIC FUND – ATHOS (LF) Global Navigator is designed for investors with a high investment risk profile with a medium to long term investment horizon (at least five – years).

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