How to invest in ATHOS Funds?

Investing in ATHOS Funds is a simple process strictly defined by law and the related regulatory provisions.

The prospective Unit holder, is provided free of charge by ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT,  prior to the submission of the Subscription Application Form, with the Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

In addition, the prospective Unit holder may, at his request, ask for the Prospectus and the Fund Regulation to which he/she is interested to invest, as well as the latest published Annual or Semi Annual report.

Thereafter, in order to invest in ATHOS Funds the following steps are required:

  • Submitting a Subscription Application Form

The prospective investor completes and submits to ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT the Subscription Application Form and at the same time presents to the company the documents certifying his / her surname, occupation, Tax ID number, residence address etc. as provided for by law 3691 / 2008 on the prevention of money laundering and the relevant decisions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. At the same time, the prospective investor selects the funds to which he/she wishes to invest as well as the corresponding amount of investment.  At the submission of the Subscription Application Form, the prospective Investor provides the Company with all pertinent information in relation to his/her knowledge, experience and risk he/she is willing to assume in relation to an investment in the chosen mutual fund, so as to evaluate the suitability of the chosen mutual fund for the particular investor. To evaluate said suitability, the Company has created a standardized Q&A form wherein through the answers of the prospective investor it shall be made possible to evaluate the suitability of the chosen mutual fund in relation to the investor’s profile.

  • Payment of the amount of investment to the Custodian Bank

Participation in the mutual fund selected by the prospective investor requires payment of the investment amount to the mutual fund’s bank account held with the Custodian Bank. The relevant bank accounts are listed (in Greek language) in the Mutual Funds Bank Accounts page.

  • Acceptance of the Subscription Application Form

The mutual funds’ acquisition process ends with the acceptance of the Subscription Application Form from ATHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT and the unit holder’s being notified of the total number of units acquired based on the mutual fund’s price on the date when the amount of the investment became available to the Custodian Bank.