ATHOS Income Plus – Bond Mutual Fund

ATHOS Income Plus – Bond Mutual Fund

The investment objective of the ATHOS Income Plus – Bond Fund is to achieve a satisfactory return, which will mainly come from income and, secondarily, from capital appreciation, with the lowest possible investment risk.

In order to realize its investment purpose, the fund invests primarily in Euro debt securities (transnational, government and corporate bonds, and Treasury bills) irrespective of credit ratings. The average Modified Duration of the portfolio will not exceed three (3) years.

The investment philosophy is based on fundamental analysis. Analyzing the international macroeconomic data, the phase of the economic cycle is identified and the course of key macroeconomic variables is assessed in order to optimize the distribution of mutual fund assets between debt securities and cash. On a second level, an appropriate analysis methodology is applied to select the rate of investment in government and corporate securities. With regard to the selection of corporate securities, the target is to select bonds of companies that are active in sectors that demonstrate an increase in demand, have a leading position in their industry, have positive profitability prospects and a proven ability by the management.

The ATHOS Income Plus Bond Fund is primarily targeted at investors with short to medium-term investment horizon, who realize that due to the nature of the markets it invests in, the value of their assets may fluctuate.


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